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Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

Best Neutral Baby Shower With Table Decor And Cakes update 2023
Writen by Valerie Bergh
So you're lookin' to throw a baby shower that's as easy-goin' as a Sunday afternoon on the porch, huh? I get it. Neutral baby showers are all the rage because sometimes you don't know if it will be a little cowboy or cowgirl on the way.
Well, don't fret. I have some ideas for you.


nature baby shower ideas with potted plants, earthy tones, and a woodland vibe update 2023
Think outdoorsy. Decorate with potted plants, earthy tones, and a woodland vibe. Have it in a park or a garden. You can't go wrong with a "Baby in Bloom" theme.

Safari Adventure

safari baby shower theme with Animal prints, jungle vibes, and a welcome to the wild banner update 2023
Go wild with a safari theme. Animal prints, jungle vibes, and a "Welcome to the Wild" banner. It's gender-neutral and loads of fun.

Beautiful Bee-Themed

bee themed baby shower is sweet as honey, yellow and black decorations, buzzing bee motifs, and honeycomb shaped treats update 2023
A bee-themed shower is sweet as honey. Yellow and black decorations, buzzing bee motifs, and honeycomb-shaped treats. Perfect for a hive-to-be.

Under the Stars

under the stars neutral baby shower with silver and gold accents update 2023
Stars and moons, whether in blue or pink, work for any baby. You can turn it neutral with silver and gold accents. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" is a classic.

Bookworm Bash

neutral baby shower with books as decorations update 2023
Encourage a love for reading right from the start. Use books as decorations, and ask guests to bring their favorite children's books as a gift. It's bright and stylish.


bbq themed baby shower with gingham tablecloths and mason jar drinks update 2023
If the parents-to-be love BBQ, this is a winner. Think gingham tablecloths, mason jar drinks, and a "Baby-Q" banner. Everyone loves good food, right?

Adventure Awaits

travel themed baby shower with maps, globes, and luggage tag favors update 2023
Embrace wanderlust with a travel-themed shower. Maps, globes, and luggage tag favors. It's an adventure for everyone.

You Are My Sunshine

you are my sunshine neutral baby shower ideas, sunshine and rainbows are universal symbols of joy, yellow, pastels, and smiles all around update 2023
Sunshine and rainbows are universal symbols of joy. Yellow, pastels, and smiles all around. "You Are My Sunshine" sings out happiness.
Remember, the key is to keep it relaxed, fun, and full of love. The mom-to-be and the little one are what it's all about. So, pick a theme that feels right, and your baby shower will surely be a hit.
Stay frosty, and happy shower planning!

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Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

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