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Drama, Thriller, International

The Day I Lost My Shadow

In Syria in 2012 a mother ventures into a war zone to find a gas cylinder so she can prepare a meal for her son. She discovers that in the besieged area the people there have lost their shadows.

The Day I Lost My Shadow


Despite the surrounding chaos of war, Syrian mother Sana desperately wants to provide normalcy for her son. When a seemingly simple errand goes awry, Sana is dragged deeper into the conflict in, documentarian Soudade Kaadan’s assured shift to fiction.

  • Director Soudade Kaadan
  • Writer Soudade Kaadan
  • Producers Amira Kaadan
  • Cast Reham Alkassar, Sawsan Arshid, Samer Ismail, Oweiss Mkhallalati
  • Runtime 94mins
  • Country Syria/Lebanon

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