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Drama, Comedy, A little bit of everything

13plus Shorts

This group of 13+ Shorts will feature THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE WATER from Rory W.T., ROCK PAPER SCISSORS from Brian Lawes, THE MINORS from Robert Machoian, ADA from Elenore Pienta, EAST OF THE RIVER from Hannah Peterson, JUDAS COLLAR from Alison James, SLINGSHOT from Robin Haig, THE ONE YOU NEVER FORGET from Morgan Fox

90 mins NR
Experimental, Essay

A Film Crew Censors Itself

Despite the legalization of cinema in Saudi Arabia last year, film crews are still subject to “moral laws” governing “mixed-gender” work environments. Nestled away on a private beach film set, a film crew must censor its behind-the-scenes footage.

4 mins NR
Drama, International, Danish

A Fortunate Man (Lykke-per)

In the late 19th century, Peter Sidenius is an ambitious young man from a devout Christian family in Western Denmark, who travels to the Danish capital of Copenhagen to study engineering, rebelling against his clergyman father.

162 mins NR
Drama, Comedy

A Good Son

When Tommy, 75, asks his son Mike to put a Hefty bag over his head and suffocate him to death, neither of them believes the other will really go through with it. Until MIke's son Chris, 17, comes up with a plan that will give both his father and grandfather the solution they've been looking for.

12 mins NR