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Category: Latinx Showcase

Comedy, Latinx, International

Re Loca (Super Crazy)

What would happen if you could suddenly say everything you really think? After years of living a monotonous life, full of ridiculous pressures and demands, a casual but magical encounter will allow Pilar (Natalia Oreiro) to go “Completely Crazy” and say and do everything that goes through her mind. Coworkers, friends, husbands, and family; all shall suffer the wrath of this sudden transformation. Of course, losing your filter can also bring about some consequences…

95 mins NA
Art, Documentary, International


BOTERO is the definitive profile of the world’s most popular living artist, 86 year-old Fernando Botero. It is a poetic chronicle of an inspiring life and a behind-the-scenes look at the power of a unique artistic vision.

82 mins NA
Documentary, Social Issue, Labor

Building the American Dream

In Texas, construction workers face the deadliest conditions in the country. Building the American Dream follows three immigrant families who are rising up to seek justice and equality in an industry rife with exploitation.

75 mins NR