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Category: Documentary Short Competition

Documentary, Art, Performance

Walled Unwalled

In the year 2000 there was a total of fifteen fortified border walls and fences between sovereign nations. Today, physical barriers at sixty-three borders divide nations across four continents. As these walls were being constructed, millions and millions of invisible cosmic particles called muons descended into the earths atmosphere and penetrated meters deep, through layers of concrete, soil and rock. Scientists realized that these deep penetrating particles could be harvested, and a technology could be developed to use their peculiar physical capacities to pass through surfaces previously impervious o x-rays.  Muons allowed us to see for the first time the contraband hidden in lead lined shipping containers and secret chambers buried inside the stone walls of the pyramids. Now no wall on earth is impermeable. Today, we're all wall, and no wall at all.

21 mins NR

The Queen’s New Clothes

Winn Morton - a visionary, 90-year-old costume designer who honed his craft on Broadway and with Ringling Brothers Circus- brings over-the-top fantasy and sparkle to a traditional debutante pageant in East Texas.

23 mins NR
Experimental, Essay

A Film Crew Censors Itself

Despite the legalization of cinema in Saudi Arabia last year, film crews are still subject to “moral laws” governing “mixed-gender” work environments. Nestled away on a private beach film set, a film crew must censor its behind-the-scenes footage.

4 mins NR
Real stories, real people, but short

Documentary Shorts 2

This group of the Documentary Shorts features VESUVIUS AT HOME by Christin Turner, TO BE IN MOAB by Stuart Ruston & Eamon Downey, THE YEARS (GLI ANNI) by Sara Fgaier, SCENES FROM A DRY CITY by Simon Wood & Francois Verster, and MACK WRESTLES by Taylor Hess & Erin Sanger.

92 mins NR