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Category: Deep Ellum Sounds

Documentary, Concert Film

Negro Terror

‘Negro Terror’ is a cinematic and musical portrait of a punk band's rise from playing house parties to establishing their influential role within the vibrant and eclectic underground music community of Memphis, TN. Negro Terror as a band champion the history, music, and various politics of their beloved hometown and are far more than just another hardcore punk band with a provocative name. Their passion and music demonstrate that despite idiosyncratic personalities and sometimes opposing viewpoints three individuals can succeed as as an artistic and political collective focused on a common cause.

53 mins NA
Documentary, Musical, Romantic Comedy

After So Many Days

A raw personal account of Jim and Sam, a singer-songwriter duo, uprooting their lives in an attempt to play one show every day for a year, putting their music, health, career, and first year of marriage to the test

75 mins NA