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Category: Deep Ellum Sounds

Documentary, Music

Lexington & Vine

A documentary that follows Mark Foster and his band Foster The People on tour for their third record, Sacred Hearts Club, providing an intimate portrait about the inspiration behind  the band's artistry.

8 mins NR
Music Video, Live Performance

Leon Bridges “Beyond” (Acoustic)

Leon Bridges performs an acoustic version of his hit song "Beyond" live at Niles City Sound in Ft. Worth, Texas. This studio used to be an empty warehouse where Leon recorded his first album. They built Niles City off the success of that first record and we captured him recording an acoustic version of the biggest hit from his new album Good Thing.

5 mins NR
Austin, Music, Bars

Nothing Stays The Same: The Story of the Saxon Pub

With iconic Austin venues closing each year due to rising rents and property taxes, the writing is on the wall for the Saxon Pub, a mainstay for live music since 1990. Soon being forced to a new space -- akin to closure for most clubs -- its owner Joe Ables, its regulars and staff and its beloved musicians such as local luminaries Bob Schneider, Patrice Pike, Guy Forsyth, Joe Ely, Hector Ward, Carolyn Wonderland, The Resentments, Johnny Nicholas, W.C. Clark, Robynn Shayne and others, turn to face the music until they learn their fate might not be sealed after all. Call it divine intervention or a stroke of good luck, the Saxon could live to see another day if it plays its cards right….

70 mins NR
Documentary, Concert Film

Negro Terror

‘Negro Terror’ is a cinematic and musical portrait of a punk band's rise from playing house parties to establishing their influential role within the vibrant and eclectic underground music community of Memphis, TN. Negro Terror as a band champion the history, music, and various politics of their beloved hometown and are far more than just another hardcore punk band with a provocative name. Their passion and music demonstrate that despite idiosyncratic personalities and sometimes opposing viewpoints three individuals can succeed as as an artistic and political collective focused on a common cause.

53 mins NA