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Category: Animated Short Competition

Animation, Sci-Fi

Solar Walk

Solar Walk shows a journey through space and the process of creation within an animated cosmic chaos.

21 mins NR
Animation, Documentary, Texas

There’s Something in the Water

Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas, but its delicate eco-system is threatened by a seemingly unstoppable invasive species of floating fern: Giant Salvinia.

8 mins NR
Animation, Whales, Trucks

The Phantom 52

Loneliness: a trucker who calls out on his CB radio waiting for a reply that never comes. A ghost that haunts the deserted highways. A whale that sings at a frequency no other whale can even hear.

8 mins NR
Animated, Painting, Nightmare

La Chute

As celestial beings descend to Earth vitiating its population, the world’s order unbalances. Initiated by these terms, a tragic fall leads to the parturition of crucial opposites: Hell and Heaven’s circles.

15 mins NR