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Elephant Baby Shower Games

Elephant Bingo Baby Shower Game Ideas update 2023
Writen by Vernice Ely
Are you looking for cute game ideas for your elephant-themed baby shower? Here are some fun and easy activities for your guests to enjoy.

Baby Elephant Memory Game

Get everyone's memory gears turning with this delightful game. Place a set of baby elephant-themed items on a tray and give your guests a minute to memorize them. Then, cover the tray and have them write down what they remember. The guest with the most right answers takes home a prize!

Elephant Bingo

Bingo is always a hit at baby showers. Create bingo cards with baby elephant images instead of numbers. As you call out descriptions of the elephants, your guests can mark their cards. The first one to get "Elephant Bingo" wins a special prize.

Pin the Tail on the Elephant

A classic game with an elephant twist. Blindfold your guests, spin them around, and see who can pin the tail on the elephant poster closest to the right spot. It's a hilarious and entertaining game that everyone will enjoy.

Elephant Trivia

Test your guests' knowledge with some fun elephant facts. Prepare a list of true or false questions about elephants and see who knows their stuff. The guest with the most correct answers wins a little elephant-themed treat.
These elephant-themed baby shower games are sure to make your celebration memorable. Pick your favorites, have some prizes ready, and let the fun begin! Make your baby shower unforgettable with these entertaining activities. Enjoy the fun, and create lasting memories!

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Elephant Baby Shower Games

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