Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas (Update 2022)

Bathroom wall storage ideas are something that you can implement quickly to provide you with more space. For the smaller space where it may be as simple as adding in some smaller shelves or simply buying some cabinets, it all depends on what you are working with and how much space you have.

But with all that extra space, you can also be able to fit in a shower, a bath, and maybe even an exercise room or a sauna, so consider bathroom wall storage ideas here too. One thing to consider is that the large space, the more stuff that is needed. This means that it might be better to opt for smaller storage solutions such as small shelves instead of having a big tub of the stuff.

bathroom wall cabinet storage ideas update 2022

The problem though with small shelves for bathroom storage is that they can often take up more space than it takes up. A small shelf would also take up precious floor space and you may end up with nothing but wall space if you only have one tiny shelf.

bathroom wall towel storage ideas update 2022

On top of this, you can still run into the same problem of being unable to get enough storage space to store everything. With just one shelf for your toiletries, it can be a real challenge to manage more than a single toiletry case and it is a big waste of space too.

But there is an alternative to just running up against problems of space when thinking about bathroom shelves for your home. You can opt to use small wall shelves instead, especially if you have the right bathroom storage ideas in mind. For example, consider how much stuff you have in your space when considering storage solutions.

creative bathroom wall storage ideas update 2022

The most common problem with small shelves for bathroom wall storage is that people try to stack their toiletries and other items on one shelf and forget about the other stuff that is still lying around the space. Most of the time, this happens with shelves meant for storage purposes rather than wall shelves.

diy bathroom wall storage ideas update 2022

Small wall shelves can allow you to have a little more storage space and give you the convenience of not having to stack them. You will also be able to find smaller shelves that are made from different materials and can blend better with your walls and the way you want to decorate your walls. Some of the better bathroom shelves storage is also designed with ladders on one side so that you can easily access items on either side.

The shelves are an easy way to save space and organize your space when you have too many items that you do not need. But be sure to think through your budget before you make a decision.

rv bathroom wall storage ideas update 2022

Some bathroom shelves can cost you more than the items themselves, especially if they are made from heavy-duty material. This is why it is important to shop around to get the best prices when you shop online. Many suppliers specialize in bathroom shelves and some of them even offer free shipping when you order them.

small bathroom wall storage ideas update 2022

Another great thing about bathroom wall storage is that you can use these shelves to make the most of your bathroom. If you are not using them for storing items, you could use them as a focal point in the room.

very small bathroom wall storage ideas update 2022

For instance, you could put toiletries in a corner of the room. Then on days when you don’t use them, you could simply place them on another part of the wall and they could be a nice centerpiece. When you want to use the shelving, you could put items on the floor or place them in a corner of the room and leave it there for easy access.

wall to wall storage ideas update 2022

As mentioned, there are plenty of bathroom wall storage ideas that can help you find more than just one thing that you want. You just have to be creative in planning how you can arrange your bathroom, where you can store your items, and what types of shelves you can have.

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